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Supporting Services

EFC provides numerous customer support mechanisms to ensure the success of applications and projects. The following is a representative list of our supporting services.
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  • Advanced engineering support and direct factory support.
  • VA/VE Initiatives – EFC has numerous success stories with Value Analysis/Value Engineering. Working with design engineers and program managers ensures optimal performance with cost savings.
  • The EFC Encyclopedia offers an exclusive series of product-focused engineering guides containing technical product and application data.
  • JIT Delivery – EFC is a premier distributor partnering with world class manufacturers to ensure Just-In-Time delivery for the customer.
  • Research & Development – Engineers work with design and development staff on new applications.
  • Fastening & Automation Innovations – partnering with suppliers to offer the latest in automation.
  • Product Teardown – Offered by EFC engineers to assist our customers in true cost saves through redesign or automation.
  • Supplier Reduction Program – As a premier provider, EFC enables its customers to reduce their supplier base while maintaining the continuity and integrity of their products.
  • A wide variety of fastener kits are available and custom kits are always an option with the highest quality fasteners from world-class manufacturers.