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While focusing strategies and efforts in the solar, wind and renewable energy markets, we have partnered with world-class suppliers to provide fastening, connecting and routing solutions.  Technical support is available in bonding, fluid connections, wire routing and fastening for assembly management, mounting systems and cable routing.

As a distributor for A Raymond Tinnerman PowAR™ Grip and PowAR™ Snap products, Heyco’s dedicated line of solar products, and many other applicable products, EFC engineers can assist you in cost-saving initiatives for your solar installation. View the Encyclopedia for these and other product offerings perfect for the solar market.


PowAR™ Grip (365 kB) PowAR™ Snap (287 kB) EFC Solar Solutions (565 kB) Solar MastHead™ II CordGrips (545 kB) Sunbundler™ Cable Ties (542 kB) SunRunner™ Cable Clip (271 kB) Sunscreener (556 kB)