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Solutions: Air and Fluid Handling

BX Connectors

Perfect for Conduit Connections!


BX Connectors Application

BX Connectors are an economical means to quickly connect flexible metal conduit to junction boxes or Motor Control Panels. This inexpensive, one-piece connector replaces typical connectors, which usually consist of a casting, nut, retaining plate and two screws.

The BX Connector requires no tools or fasteners to assemble. It is simply threaded onto flexible metal conduit by hand and then snapped into the knockout hole.


  • Connector is quickly snapped into standard 7/8” trade size diameter knock-out hole.Junction Box side of BX Connector
  • No nuts to tighten-no tools required. Connector screws to outside of cable.
  • Does not restrict ID and holds plastic insulator firmly in place. Plastic insulator not required per UL.
  • Anti-rotation device slows the removal of cable once in place.


  • Fluorescent light fixturesConduit side of BX Connector
  • Incandescent light cans
  • Motors for fans, blowers, and other electrical equipment
  • Junction boxes
  • Control panels