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Solutions: Air and Fluid Handling

Dampers and Latches

Perfect for smooth, controlled, quiet motion!

Dampers provide resistance and movement restriction in applications that open and close. This enables a quieter, yet secure action where slamming or closing too quickly might cause damage to a product or its housing.

glove box uses dampers

Small rotary dampers fasten to or snap into a given panel configuration and give proven dampened motion. Large rotary dampers are suitable for applications that require more durability and demand higher torque than their smaller counterparts. Common applications include automotive glove boxes and door handles, to name a few.

Hinge dampers are rotary dampers that mount at the hinge point and are designed to fit into small spaces. A typical application is automotive interior grab handles.

Air dampers provide damped, linear motion in one direction while allowing free (non-damped) motion in the other. Common automotive applications include glove boxes and cup-holders. In addition, air dampers are used for industrial and appliance applications.

Cupholders use air dampersLatches provide dependable, repetitive fastening and unfastening for various applications from automotive interiors to electronics to appliances, and more.

Non-automotive applications include:

- trash bin                 - make-up box
- dishwasher            - vacuum cleaner
- gas boiler flap       - furniture / drawers
- oven flap                - refrigerator butter box
- letter box                - top loader / washing machine lid

EFC International is a premier supplier of motion control dampers and latches. Please contact us at 1-800-888-3326 and let us know how we can help you find the right motion control components for your applications!