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Solutions: Air and Fluid Handling

Retaining Rings

Perfect for Holding Components or Assemblies onto Shafts and in Housings or Bores!

EFC International is your source for Retaining Rings of all shapes and styles in metric and inch sizes. These specialized fasteners are used to hold components or assemblies onto a shaft or in a housing or bore when installed in a groove. Once installed, the exposed portion of the ring acts as a shoulder for retaining that component or assembly.

Types of Retaining Rings include:

Tapered Retaining RingTapered section retaining rings decrease symmetrically from the center to the ends, allowing constant contact with the groove along the entire periphery of the ring.


Constant Retaining RingConstant section retaining rings feature a uniform width at any point along the circumference of the ring. This provides elliptical contact in the groove at three or more isolated points.


Spiral Retaining RingSpiral retaining rings require no special tools for installation and have no ears or lugs to interfere with the assembly.


Applications Include:
Shaft and couplings
Gearboxes and castings
Actuators and valves
Air nozzles and hose connectors
Hand and power tools
Pneumatic devices and pulleys
Axles and bearings

Whether your application calls for

  • axial or radial assembly,
  • an inverted, beveled or bowed shaft or bore feature,
  • self-locking retaining or non-locking element,

EFC has a Retaining Ring solution for you.

Click here to view the retaining rings in our online catalog,
or contact us to discuss your application needs at 800-888-3326.