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Solutions: Clamping

Embossed vs. Slotted Band Clamps

Slotted Band Hose ClampPerfect for Minimizing Damage to Hoses and Risk of Injury for Installers!

European style worm drive hose clamp bands are “embossed,” rather than “slotted” like traditional hose clamps. Embossed bands offer a roll-formed edge to minimize damage to hose materials and reduce the risk of damage to installers. Plus, embossed bands are higher in clamping force due to more contact with the screw.

As shown in the picture, a slotted band clamp causes the hose to extrude through its slots when the clamp is tightened. This “cheese grater” effect damages the hose material and hinders the tightened clamp from smoothly riding over the hose. Interlocking the hose with the band slots creates a reactive torque moment that requires higher installation torque. In addition, a smaller contact surface between the screw thread and band slots generates high friction, so even less torque can be converted to band tension.

On the other hand, the trapezoidal shape of the embossed band enables more contact with screw threads, so more torque converts into band tension even when using the same tightening torque as the slotted band.


Embossed versus Slotted Band Hose Clamps