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Solutions: Clamping

Stepless® Ear Clamps

Perfect for retaining, securing and sealing!

The newest generation of heavy-duty Stepless® Ear Clamps offers

  • wider ears for increased clamping ranges
  • closed interlocks for high radial loads and smoother outer contour, and
  • plated steel options in addition to 304 Stainless Steel.

Features and Benefits

  • Stepless® Over 360º – uniform compression or uniform surface pressure
  • Closed Interlock – High radial loads, smooth outer contour
  • Teardrop embossment – Higher radial loads with compressible materials
  • Clamp ear – Compensates for component tolerances, adjustable surface pressure
  • Dimple – increases clamping force
  • Specially formed strip edges – reduced risk of damage to parts being clamped