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Solutions: Clamping

Thumb-Screw Worm Gear Clamp

Perfect serviceability for the consumer!

Thumb Screw Worm Gear Clamps are ideal for rapid assembly line production, as well as serviceable for your customers. This type of clamp is available with a slotted or embossed band of carbon or stainless steel.  Style selection includes American, German and Swedish clamps.


  • Metal thumb screw
  • Standard size fits socket driver for quick assembly line installation
  • Easy to remove by hand – no tool required!
  • More durable than plastic thumb screws

Case Scenario

An engine manufacturer for lawn mowers, ATVs, and more, wants an easy-to-use, serviceable clamp for his end-consumers. In addition, the engine manufacturer requires that the clamp is easy and quick to install on an assembly line. Using traditional thumb-screw clamps on an assembly line would take too much time for the manufacturer to install, though they work well for consumers of these products.

EFC’s unique Thumb Screw Worm Gear Clamp offers a metal thumb-screw that fits into a standard-sized socket driver. This feature allows assembly-line installation with a power driver at the manufacturing plant. The consumer benefits by using the thumb screw. EFC’s solution fulfills the needs of the engine manufacturer and their customers.

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