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Solutions: Electrical, Routing and Wire Management

Bottom Entry Snap-In Wire

Perfect for a smooth, finished look in an adjustable, secure and reusable wire tie!

Bottom Entry Snap In Wire Tie Illustration


  • Button head offers a finished, low profile look
  • Latch mechanism allows strap to be released and reinserted for multiple uses
  • Retaining tabs secure unused strap eliminating the need to cut off excess
  • Snaps into a 3/8” dia. hole in a .045” – .100” thick panel
  • Secures bundles up to 1.75” in diameter
  • Base rotates 360º inside hole for variable bundle positioning

Diagram of Bottom Entry Snap In Wire Tie Installation








Material and Dimensions Example






  • UL Flammability Rating = V2 Rating
  • Latch Retention Grip Force 60 pounds
  • Dry as Molded*

*Users should conduct their own tests under specific actual conditions to determine the suitability for specific applications.