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Solutions: Electrical, Routing and Wire Management

Cable Harness

Perfect for preassembly!

Cable Harness FastenerEFC offers an innovative way to fasten harnesses. The Cable Harness can be used instead of a cable strap. Materials and production technology has resulted in a component which totally eliminates the waste associated with conventional cable straps. It can be used as the end item on OEM production lines or preassembled at the wire and harness manufacturer. The Cable Harness can also reduce the variety of required parts.

This innovative solution has several advantages compared to conventional cable straps:

  • No waste
  • No tool is necessary for cut-off
  • No cable strap overlapping
  • Low profile (no lock of cable strap)
  • Reduces assembly costs and enables automatic assembly
  • Use of resilient material reduces transmission of noise and vibration

Diagram of Cable Harness FastenerKey Features

  • Hole Size:  06.5mm
  • Panel Thickness:  0.5mm to 1.8mm
  • Cable diameter:  5 – 15mm
  • Material:  PP/TPE
  • Soft material around the cable
  • TPE Seal – waterproof