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Solutions: Electrical, Routing and Wire Management

Elastomer Strap

Perfect for frequent moves, adds and changes!

Bundled with Elastomer StrapFeatures and Benefits:

  • Can wrap bundles up to 4.33” in diameter
  • To bundle, insert the pre-installed latch pin into a mounting hole on the strap
  • The rubber cinches the cable bundle and prevents lateral movement along the bundle
  • No sharp edges to damage cables
  • Releasable design allows frequent moves, adds and changes
  • Can be wrapped up to three times for tighter grip

Diagram of the Elastomer Strap

EFC Part No. - 34300534-AP03
Maximum Bundle Ø - 4.33 (110)
Maximum Perimeter - 13.6 (345)
Material Strap: Silicon Rubber, 50 Shore A, RMS—417
Latch Pin: UL94 HB Nylon 6/6, RMS-148
Color: Black

To view the Elastomer Strap online, please click here.