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Solutions: Electrical, Routing and Wire Management

Flat Tie Holder

Easy to Install and Remove!

Flat Tie Holder Images and Diagram

Features and Benefits:

  • Removable from the top side of the panel by pinching the “wings”
  • Easily installed into pre-drilled hole
  • Provides a pressure hold onto the cable tie allowing pre-assembly
  • Accepts ties with tensile strength up to 50 lbs.

EFC Part # - 34300519-PA6602
Hole Ø – .189 (4.8)
Panel Thickness – .020 – .090 (0.5 – 2.3)

Material: Nylon 6/6, RMS-01, also available in UL940 VO material (RMS-19) by special order
Color: Natural
Accepts Cable Ties WIT/WITA-18 thru 50

For more information, please contact an EFC Representative at 800-888-3326.