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Solutions: Electrical, Routing and Wire Management

Flip Type Grommet

Highly Durable!

Sideview of Flip Type GrommetFeatures and Benefits

  • Protects cables from chafing while passing through holes
  • Installed by inserting the “un-flipped” grommet into hole. Forming dies on each side of the hole are pressed together until the grommet “flips” over itself, creating a flange on both sides of the hole
  • Available in 14 different sizes
  • Meets NAS 1368 standard

Markets include: Automotive, Industrial, Aerospace, Military and Marine.

Diagram of Forming Tool

Installation requires forming tool, sized for part ID. Tool consists of a bolt and male/female forming die to properly seat the grommet to the panel. Tool designs (for internal fabrication) or sourcing support (for external fabrication) available from EFC.

To view EFC part numbers, please open the above pdf, or click here to see a larger photo and details in our online Encyclopedia of parts.