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Solutions: Electrical, Routing and Wire Management

RDD Lockit™ Strain Relief Bushings

Perfect for your strain-relief applications!

Black and White RDD LockitsThe RDD Lockit™ fits right into standard round or double ‘D’ holes in electrical cabinets, panels, or other enclosures, large or small. It provides lasting strain relief against twisting, pulling, cord pulsing or gravity in large and small appliances, power tools, consumer and industrial electronics, motor housings, lighting fixtures; any electrical assembly prone to the stress of pulling, pushing or twisting.

Features and Benefits

RDD Lockits™ are double-duty strain-relief bushings designed specifically for round wires and cables. Double flat sides on the RDD Lockit™ prevent it from turning in a double-D hole, protecting current-carrying wires from twisting and other natural or inadvertent stresses that cause electrical failure.

Double D Lockit™ easily snaps into place without need for any tools, adding to installer comfort and safety while reducing assembly time and cost. The Double D Lockit™strain-relief has a five-step unique locking mechanism, covering chassis ranges to 0.125-inches thick. Sizes are available to fit cords ranging from 0.220- to 0.430-inch diameters.

Machine with RDD LockitDouble D Lockit™ locks into place directly onto cords without need for chassis insertion, allowing it to be preassembled onto cords at the shop or job site, for additional time and cost efficiency. Semi-Automation is available for high volume Production runs! Machine pictured at right includes vibratory feeder bowl, track and head.