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Solutions: Electrical, Routing and Wire Management

Snap-In Cordgrip Strain Relief-Pigtail™

Perfect for snap-in strain relief protection!

For Panels from .062″ (1,6 mm) to .125″ (3,2 mm) Thick

  • Nylon spring eases the cable into a lazy bend; prevents kinking to assure longest cable and product life.
  • Unique fingers securely lock into a range of panel sizes without use of locknut.
  • Smooth, rounded interior edges for ease of installation.
  • Limited intrusion into enclosure where access is tight.
  • Rotation prevented when used in “Double D” mounting holes.
  • Easy to install–no tools required.
  • Ratchet design of sealing nut assembly provides superior anti-vibration and ensures a firm grip on cable.
  • Available in multiple sizes for cable diameters ranging from .065″ (1,7 mm) to .709″ (18,0 mm).
  • We recommend using the fitting with the smallest maximum diameter that will fit your application.
  • Meet UL strain relief requirements without kinking the cable.
  • Snap-in Cordgrip Strain Reliefs may not be liquid tight at the panel interface.
  • Use mounting hole plugs for DD mounting holes, or dome plugs for round mounting holes, to fill blank/unused mounting holes and thus allow for a single panel design across multiple applications.

Snap-in Pigtail CordgripsMaterial: Nylon 6/6 Sealing Gland
Certifications: Recognized under Underwriter’s Laboratories File E51579
Certified by Canadian Standards Association File 093876
Flammability Rating: 94V-2
Temperature Rating: -22°F(-30°C) to 212°F(100°C)