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Solutions: Electrical, Routing and Wire Management

SunRunner™ Cable Clip

Perfect for PV Module Wire Management!

SunRunner Cable Clip with Double CompressionSunRunner® Cable Clips, Double Compression
SunRunner Cable Clips offer a “double-compression” design that works with (1) 12 gauge USE-2 to (2) 10 gauge PV-1000 solar wires, and with other cables .20” (5.0mm) to .30” (7.6mm) in diameter. Smooth edges prevent damage to cable insulation, and locking tabs securely fasten clips. Corrosion resistant 304SS, the clips have a generous lead-in for toolless installation and a screwdriver slot for easy removal. See EFC Part #20301098-304 in our Encyclopedia for more details.

SunRunner 90° Cable ClipSunRunner® 90° Cable Clips
Designed for right angle mounting in a “landscape” mode, these cable clips offer the same features and benefits as the Sunrunner with a unique footprint. The Sunrunner 90° will accommodate a single cable from .20” (5,0 mm) to .30” (7,6 mm). See EFC Part #20301479-304-B1C.

SunRunner2 and SunRunner2-R Cable ClipsSunRunner® 2 and 2-R Cable Clips
SunRunner 2 and 2-R cable clips are designed to hold mini-inverter cables .413” (10,5 mm) to .472” (12,0 mm) with special “S” hook design to fit a wide range of mounting profiles. Choose the SunRunner 2 for commercial applications and the 2-R for residential. See EFC Part #20301470-410 and #20301471-410 for SunRunner 2 and 2-R, respectively.