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Solutions: Electrical, Routing and Wire Management

Wire Management – Metal

Spring Clips to Secure Cable, Wire and Tubing!

Efficient, easy-to-install WIRE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS offer one of the most reliable means of securing cables, wire bundles and tubing. Available in a variety of designs for a wide range of wire diameters and panel thicknesses, they are one piece and typically self-retaining. Standard designs include:

  • bundle—edge biter
  • tube—edge biter
  • dart
  • heel toe

Made of high carbon spring steel and heat-treated, many have rolled edges and can also be supplied with a dipped, neoprene cushion. Parts are offered in select colors and finishes, and may be available in stainless steel. All components are application dependent but most cable clips install around 10 lbs. and retain about 15 to 20 lbs.

Bundle—Edge Biter Clips
Easily snaps into place to secure hoses and wire bundles by self-retaining to adjacent panels via barbs. Opening diameter of spring clip is designed for small wires, but the diameter of the clip itself is designed to hold multiple wires.

Tube—Edge Biter Clips
Works similar to above bundle, but specifically designed to hold a single cable, tube or wire.

Dart Clips
Without barbs for installation, darts clips require a hole or slot for
assembly in a panel. Like bundle and tube edge biter clips, they can accommodate a single tube or multiple smaller tubes, wires and/or cables.

Heel Toe Clips
Positioned in the mounting hole, these self-retaining clips can either hold one single tube or multiple smaller tubes, wires and cables depending on the design. By applying pressure to the back of the clip (shown right), the “heel” snaps into a locked position.

Please click on the clip names to view them in EFC’s Encyclopedia. Part diagrams and a list of EFC Part Numbers are also available on Page 2 of the above pdf.