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Solutions: Electrical, Routing and Wire Management

Wire Management – Plastic

Cable Clips, Tie Straps, Swivel Clips and Assemblies!

Uniquely designed WIRE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS offer one of the most reliable means of securing cables, wire bundles and tubing. Available in both single and multi-piece designs, numerous configurations and options provide an endless array of wire management solutions:

single bundle free-floating panel mount tape-on
multi-bundle edge biter stud mount

All components are manufactured out of high quality nylon or acetal materials and are available in several standard wire diameters and panel thicknesses, and can be combined with spring steel clips for improved performance and retention. Component selection is based on wire size, shape, proximity to adjacent panels and assembly environment.

Tape-On Clips - Stud Mount and Panel Mount
Available in both stud mount and panel mount (fir tree) options providing an offset bundling option. Tape-on clips provide pre-assembly opportunities, easy installation and nearly unlimited bundle diameter range.

Cable Straps
Standard cable tie straps accommodate a wide range of tube or wire bundle diameters. Wire management solutions combine cable tie straps with additional features to attach to panels or other components. Mounting features include fir trees, darts, edge biters and other assembly options – all provide self-retaining features for ease of assembly and quick installation.

Tensile strength of the bundle approximates 45 pounds minimum; recommended tightening load should not exceed 28 pounds.

Swivel Clips and Swivel Clip Assemblies
Swivel clips provide complete 360° rotation for infinite and independent mounting possibilities. Each two component assembly rotates with respect to one another and can accommodate different panel sizes and orientations, eliminating the number of fasteners required for a given application, process or installation. By mixing and matching components, unique solutions can be created: cable tie strap with fir tree, double cable tie strap, cable tie strap with edge clip or tape-on, cable tie strap with c-clip, double c-clip, and so on.

Eighteen standard variations of swivel clips and swivel clip assemblies are available. Approximate retention between the swivel clip components is 25 pounds minimum.

Please click on the clip names to view them in EFC’s Encyclopedia. Part diagrams and a list of EFC Part Numbers are also available on Page 2 of the above pdf.