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Solutions: Panel Fastening

KTO U-Nuts

Perfect for a wide range of panel thicknesses!

KTO is a standardization process aimed at reducing the amount of part numbers. The DaimlerChrysler Fastener Engineering team created a KTO U-Nut family that consists of six part numbers to replace over 30 existing part numbers. In addition to part number reduction, the KTO U-Nut family offers performance improvements over existing products.

KTO U-Nut Benefits:

  • Fits a large range of panel thickness (.5mm – 4.0mm)
  • Ergonomically friendly installation
  • The threaded barrel always stays perpendicular to panel
  • Property Class 8 Threaded Barrels
  • Available with or without prevailing torque
  • Supplied in PS5873L finish, which is suitable for interior and exterior automotive environments (other finishes available on request).
  • Minimizes scratches on painted panels
  • Minimizes distortion to plastic panels
  • Minimizes the gap required between mating panels

KTO U-Nut Diagrams and Chart