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Solutions: Panel Fastening

Passenger Door Striker

Perfect for reducing manufacturing costs and weight!

EFC International and our world class manufacturers constantly search for opportunities to improve fastener components by using leading edge materials, manufacturing processes and design approaches. Our collaboration results in a steady stream of product innovations – like this Passenger Door Striker.

The redesigned Passenger Door Striker features:

  • Reduced Weight – Ultra high-strength, high-carbon steel construction (SAE 1050) and fewer components reduce weight by 53%, while surpassing all load requirements.
  • Improved Finish – Customers experienced a squeaking condition with the previous design. A finish combination was developed to resolve this issue and lowered warranty costs.
  • Strength – Single piece, deep drawn stamping technology and ultra high-strength steel construction exceeded design expectations.
  • Reduced Cost – The pinned single-piece design reduces material and manufacturing costs, while labor costs are reduced by simplifying the assembly process.

Comparison of Specifications

Original Weight: 4.5 ounces
New Weight: 2.3 ounces

Original Yield: 65 KSI
New Yield: 190 KSI

Original Tensile: 80 KSI
New Tensile: 224 KSI