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Solutions: Panel Fastening

Plastic/Metal Trim Clips

Quick Assembly and Cost Savings!

EFC International is a master provider for industry leaders in the development and manufacturing of “snap-fit” fastener solutions. EFC is please to offer these innovative plastic and metal trim clips.

These parts are clipped on one panel and snapped onto the other. Parts can be hidden once assembled with blind assembly/disassembly.

Plastic/Metal Trim Clips

Features and benefits:

  • Accommodate multiple hole sizes and panel ranges!

  • Completely serviceable, trim clips enable panels to be assembled and disassembled without degradation to the performance of the parts.

Plastic/Metal Trim Clips

Technical Criteria:

EFC # 30LP600751-C11

GM 24 405 740 Color: Blue
To Clip
PPanel 1 min. thickness2.00
PPanel 1 max. thickness2.00
P1Panel 2 min. thickness0.70
P1Panel 2 max. thickness1.20
NHole width8.00
APart length28.00
BPart width17.00
HPart height16.60
eMetal thickness0.40

EFC # 30LP600752-C03

GM 24 405 739 Color: Black
To Clip
P1Panel 2 min. thickness1.20
P1Panel 2 max. thickness2.00
NHole width8.00
HPart height18.10