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Solutions: Panel Fastening

PowAR Grip

Perfect for Solar and HVAC Applications!

PowAR Grip ApplicationPowAR Grip is a perfect solution for a secure connection on standing seam roofs. Designed to make roof assembly installation more efficient, PowAR Grip provides installers with a smarter assembly.

PowAR Grip reduces installation time and labor and includes the following features.

  • Requires one tool – a nut driver
  • Easily snaps into place on the roof seam for easy pre-assembly
  • Eliminates yearly checks of torque value
  • Does not penetrate the roof surface, preserving roof warranty
  • UL Certified (conformance to UL 2703, Section 21 for Mechanical Load Testing

The Better Solution

Current industry clamps require annual checks for torque value. They cause more hassle with additional bolts and nuts, and installing often requires multiple tools. PowAR Grip simplifies the overall installation process through these steps:

  1. Place the necessary number of PowAR Grips onto the roof seam
  2. Place PowAR PV Anchor or industry standard strut over the bolts
  3. Secure with the supplied nut
  4. Attach solar panels directly to PowAR PV Anchor* or to the strut with use of PowAR Snap*

*PowAR PV Anchor and PowAR Snap are not required for PowAR Grip to function.

Applications for PowAR Grip range from solar assembly and HVAC systems to piping and conduits to snow guards.