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Solutions: Panel Fastening

Push Nuts

Perfect for anti-vibration!

Push Nuts, commonly called “Box” or “Expansion” Nuts, are one‐piece, self‐locking, multi‐purpose fasteners that prevent screws from loosening due to vibration.

Multi‐thread Box or Expansion Nuts are designed with a spring member in the center of the upper leg that can accommodate a wide range of panel thicknesses. They eliminate the need for two close‐tolerance leaf springs, while improving cycle life and effective spring action.

Faster and easier assembly, with no cross threading or stripping, these Push Nuts also help lower manufacturing costs.

EFC Part # 166000980‐F213
Push Nut Application
Mid‐Panel Threaded Nut M6 X 1.0
Testing Information
Proof Load
18,160N over a 7.5 dia. max
panel hole
45N max in 1.5 panel
with min. size
Pull Out
889.6N min. with screw installed
Destructive Torque
13 Nm min

Features and Benefits

  • Fastens components to metal or plastic
  • Adapts well to various plastic materials
  • Superior joint performance compared to single thread impressions
  • No special tools, equipment, or skills required to install
  • Widely used in instrument panels, center consoles, grab handles, vehicle doors and many other under hood and trunk applications
  • Ergonomic insertion and 45N max for hand installation
  • Useable in automation by bowl or optional spool feed
  • Proven BSR improvements due to multi‐thread extrusion with integrated prevailing torque feature
  • 6.0Nm minimum destructive force which equals improved preload

OEM Part Numbers W717086‐S439 ▪ 11547582

Can be used to replace GM 11570015 ▪ GM 11570215 ▪ Chrysler 06506955

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