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Solutions: Panel Fastening

RayTOOL® Equipment

Perfect for installing panel fasteners!

A family of mechanical, electrical and electro-pneumatic automated assembly equipment is now available.

RayTOOLRayTOOL® represents a variety of equipment for installing panel fasteners in an automated fashion, primarily aimed at medium to high volume installation applications. Currently, 7mm and 8mm plastic rivets are in production in high volume door panel, fan shroud and rocker trim applications. A mechanical hand-held tool is also available for low volume, rework and retrofit scenarios.

RayNICE® refers to “Non-stop Injected Clip Equipment” that utilizes molded components on strips, loaded either automatically or manually into installation guns. Guns can be operated via battery, net power or automated via different workstation set-ups. The guns have a pre-load feature enabling adjustment under various assembly set-ups to insure fasteners are properly seated. Additional types of fasteners utilizing the molded strip technology are under development or can be developed. Both plastic and metal fasteners can utilize this equipment.

RayNICE EquipmentFeatures and Benefits

  • Assembly time reduction
  • Cycle time improvements
  • Material cost savings
  • Quality enhancements
  • Process elimination
  • Diverse designs possible
  • Plastic RivetsFeeding strips are recyclable
  • Molded strips are 100% optically tested to insure high quality standards are sustained

Robotic arms are currently under development for complete automation.