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Solutions: Panel Fastening

Riblok™ Trim Clips

Perfect for Metal or Plastic Garnish, Trim and Access Panels!

Riblok™ panel fasteners are highly versatile trim clips engineered with plastic resin construction to eliminate corrosion problems associated with metal clips. For metal applications, Riblok™ panel fasteners have thinner legs to provide flexibility into and out of the panel. Riblok™ trim clips for plastic applications have thicker legs for customized performance. Flexible tabs on both versions allow Riblok™ panel fasteners to attach to the post or rib of trim panels through molded or punched access holes.

Primary Advantages

  • Reduces Buzz, Squeak, & RattleRiblok™ Application
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Easy Hand Assembly
  • Serviceable or Non-Serviceable
  • Metal or Plastic Substrate Use

Additional Advantages

  • Minimal Installation Effort
  • Customized Retention
  • Molded as One-piece
  • Accepts Various Panels
  • Anti-vibration Design

A very low installation effort onto trim panels simplifies the assembly process.

Riblok™ is a Trademark of Illinois Tool Works Inc.