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Solutions: Panel Fastening


Perfect for off center applications!

Ensure easy, accurate, and fast attachment of components in off center applications. RIV-FLOAT® was designed for post finish installation in applications where cage nuts, clinch nuts, floating nut plates or weld nuts are used.

RIV-FLOAT Cross SectionThe internally floating threads on RIV-FLOAT® allow for component attachments in off center applications and can accommodate for tolerance stack up in the manufacturing process. The floating nut aligns to drive the angle of the screw thus eliminates cross threading and spin out.

Technical Data

  • .020” Radial float
  • Large (RFL) and small flange (RFK) series available in 8-32, 10-32, ¼-20, M4, M5 and M6
  • Mechanically locked RIV-FLOAT® is available with prevailing torque feature to IFI Spec 100/107
  • Zinc electroplated to 8μm with trivalent chromate – 120/240

RIV-FLOAT® Rivet nut hand tool installation kits offered by EFC:

EFC Part # Description  Qty in Kit
06X0300424-KIT Metric Kit M4, M5 and M6 80 (20 ea)
06X0300425-KIT 6-32/8-32 Mini Inch Kit 40 (20 ea)
06X0300426-KIT  ¼-20 and 10-32 30 (10,20)
06X0300427-KIT  6-32 .027-.130 15
06X0300428-KIT 8-32 UNC .027-.130 15
06X0300429-KIT 10-32 UNF .027-.150 15
06X0300430-KIT ¼-20 UNC .027-.150 10
06X0300431-KIT M4 x .7 ISO .7-3.3 15
06X0300432-KIT M5 x .8 ISO .7-3.8 15
06X0300433-KIT M6 x 1 ISO .7-3.8 11


MS 50 Hydro-pneumatic Tool

Installed with MS 50 Hydro-pneumatic tool with RIV-FLOAT® nose piece.