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Solutions: Panel Fastening

Snap-In Bumpers

Perfect for eliminating installation labor!

Features and Benefits

  • Snap-in design eliminates installation labor needed for screw or rivet saving assembly time and equipment
  • Superior mounting approach: Snap-In Bumper mounts securely into panel while providing strong mechanical support to bumper when used as a mounting foot for electronic enclosures
  • Superior hold versus adhesive backed or screw/rivet bumpers
  • Designed to fit snugly into panel; dust tight
  • Skid and scratch resistant; will not mark or stain surfaces
  • Locks firmly into enclosure
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Suitable for metal or plastic panels

Bushing material: Nylon 6/6
Bumper material: EPDM Rubber

Snap-in Bumpers

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