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Solutions: Panel Fastening

TorqueFox® Battery Tool

Perfect for reducing labor costs and ergonomic installation of threaded inserts!

Features & Benefits

  • Sets M4-M10 (A-K, A-L, A-H Series) which previously required 4 ARO tools
  • No airlines to drag around
  • Ergonomics better than current tools – no wrist torque, balanced better
  • Quieter than air tools
  • Process security – audible and visual verification
  • Bright LED to illuminate installation hole
  • Incrementally adjustable (90 settings) within 5 sizes either English or Metric
  • Good/No Good electric readout after each install
  • Battery “Brain” – RFID chip prevents overcharging and monitors energy level stopping any action at 20% of battery life. No dropping off of power, no loose inserts
  • Installation is controlled electrically – not mechanically
  • After 1.5 million cycles tested no drop in Newton meter readings
  • Single trigger operation
  • Highly portable
  • German engineered and manufactured on industrial Makita platform
  • One charge sets from 200 to 400 nuts depending on material

For more information please contact an EFC International Representative at 1-800-888-3326.