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Solutions: Panel Fastening

Trim Clips

Perfect for quick assembly and disassembly without tools!

EFC International is a master provider for industry leaders in the development and manufacturing of “snap-fit” fastener solutions. These fasteners are commonly called Trim Clips because of their extensive use on automotive trim panels and applicability in a variety of industries. They assemble in seconds, without the use of tools.

Completely serviceable, Trim Clips enable panels to be assembled and disassembled without degradation to the performance of the parts. Once installed, our Trim Clips are completely hidden. This insures the overall application looks clean and void of visible fasteners.

All Trim Clips retain to a “trim clip tower” formed on the back side of the panel. The part then snaps into a rectangular or round hole in a mating panel. Once assembly is complete, the spring steel fastener provides constant force to the joint, resisting disassembly and prevents squeaks and rattles. EFC offers a wide variety of Trim Clips for different panel orientations and geometries. Within each family of trim clips, parts are available that attach onto different clip tower thicknesses and into different hole sizes. These “snap fits” vary in size, material thickness and geometries to optimize insertion and retention efforts. Trim clips more suited for installation using automated equipment are also available.

Standard Style Trim Clips offer the largest variety of design features. Dart Style Trim Clips are ideal for round holes and round clip towers. No orientation is required. High Strength Trim Clips feature a barb configuration that has 360° contact around the clip tower. As a result, the retention to the blade is about 5x more than Standard Trim Clips. EFC also offers other Trim Clips for specialty applications: Single Side, Bayonet Style and Right Angle Trim Clips are available. If you are looking for a reliable snap fit design for your application, we’ll provide it!

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