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Solutions: Panel Fastening

Wide Panel Range M6 Multi-Threaded U-Nut

Perfect for Thick Panels!

The Wide Panel Range U-Nut is especially adapted for thick panels of materials such as PE/PP plastics, foam, corrugated aluminum, etc.
The M6 U-Nut is made with a threaded insert and snapping clip, especially designed for high panel thickness and less resistant material.
Features and Benefits:

  • Can be used on Panel Thicknesses from 0.5 to 7mm
  • Lower mounting effort—less risk of injury
  • Larger bearing surface—limited creep on soft materials
  • Possible without thread—use of self-tapping or self-piercing screws
  • Does not deteriorate the panel surface (paint)
  • Efficient self-retaining function on the panel before screw assembly


Threaded Insert: Non heat treated steel with thickness of 1mm
(similar resistance to class 8 nut)

Snapping Clip: Heat treated steel with thickness of 0.4mm