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Solutions: Specialty Threaded Nuts & Bolts

ClearDrive™ Recess

Perfect for Eliminating Recess Fill!

ClearDrive™ is a feature added to the head of the fastener allowing a free channel for organic coatings to flow during the dip spin process and eliminating unnecessary sorting. The ClearDrive Recess can be used in many non-critical automotive applications to eliminate the industry-wide problem of recess fill.

Fasteners manufactured with the ClearDrive Recess incorporate flutes into the head for drainage. The ClearDrive can be manufactured with several head designs including pan, round washer and oval countersunk.

ClearDrive Aids the Dip Spin ProcessFeatures and Benefits

Cost Savings—can reduce manufacturing cost by 70% per pound by replacing high-cost electro platings with ow-cost high-performance organic coatings

Automation—assembly automation by ensuring a clear recess

Universal Performance—can be specified as an optional head construction for driver sizes T20-T40 in pan-head and round-washer head configurations and ensures bit-fit performance and offers equivalent mechanical performance to comparable standard six-lobe recessed drives

Torque Tension—allows for use of low-cost high–performance organic coatings providing lower and more consistent torque tension characteristics than electro plating

Ergonomics—improves assembly productivity by eliminating poor bit engagement caused by recess fill

Corrosion—allows for the use of low-cost high-performance organic coatings which provide superior resistance to corrosion

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