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Solutions: Specialty Threaded Nuts & Bolts

Collated U-Nut

Perfect for High Volume U-Nut Applications!

Collated U-Nuts are available in various thread sizes and the most common finishes. Automation tooling is available for hand-held and bench-mount tools.

Increased Productivity!
Collated u-nuts are designed to automate installation of multi-threaded u-nuts. This automated process significantly increases productivity over manual installation in a simple and safe operation with fast, easy-loading collated or “stacked” u-nuts.

Improved Ergonomics!
Use of collated u-nut technology can help eliminate carpal tunnel syndrome by removing repetitive manual tasks.

Quality Installation!
Automated installation of collated u-nuts ensures each part is precisely installed. This eliminates the possibility of human error inherent in most manual installations, as well as alignment problems.

Tool for Collated U-Nut AssemblyEliminate Mixed, Bent or Tangled Parts!
Nesting of parts is eliminated due to the parts being neatly stacked (collated).

Speed up the Inspection Process!
Because collated parts are stacked, dimensions are easily “qualified” and measured, speeding the inspection process.