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Solutions: Specialty Threaded Nuts & Bolts

Delta PT® Thread-Forming Fasteners

Providing optimal material flow in plastics!

The successful PT® screw has been further developed — Delta PT® screw provides optimum thread forming without any material damage. In addition, Delta PT® screw provides better clamp loads and increased joint life in a wide range of plastic materials.

Delta PT® screw offers improved vibrational and dynamic safety by new shear area. It yields high clamp load at smaller contact pressure by increased flank engagement.

Features and Benefits

  • New designed flank geometry for a better deformation of the plastic material during the fastening process.
  • The service life of the joint is substantially increased in cases of static and dynamic stress.
  • Up to 50% improved torsional and tensile strength (for the same nominal diameter).
  • Use of shorter fasteners and/or smaller diameters is possible.
  • The Delta PT® calculation program allows a clamp load oriented design.
  • Increased head diameter provides better load distribution on the contact area.
EFC Part Number Description Finish Color Salt Spray
25S9000435-FD1 Δ40-1.46×12 Ford S424 Black 120 Hours
25S9000436-FD1 Δ40-1.46×16 Ford S424 Black 120 Hours
25S3000319-G29 Δ50-1.80×12 GMW4205 Black 480 Hours
25S9000437-G18 Δ50-1.80×14 GMW4205 Black 480 Hours
25S3000397-FD4 Δ50-1.80×16 Ford S437 Silver 384 Hours
25S9000439-FD4 Δ60-2.14×25 Ford S437 Silver 384 Hours

All Parts TORX Round Washer Head.

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