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Solutions: Specialty Threaded Nuts & Bolts


Make the Switch . . .

GripTide is a versatile, steel threaded insert that can be used on electronic and engine components, assemblies, seating, instrument panels, routing, attachments and many more applications.

Features and Benefits

Cost Saving - Cold formed steel construction reduces material and manufacturing costs. Able to use low-cost conventional plating to inhibit corrosion
Performance - Exceeds minimum torsion and pull out requirements by creating a permanent mechanical interference in plastic
Drop-In - Operates on conventional equipment
Strength of Steel - Doesn’t generate chips and shavings. Requires less thread engagement than brass or aluminum
Less Price Volatility - Not subject to the price volatility of brass or aluminum
GripTide ApplicationPositive Stop - Flanged to provide positive stops for installation and available in large bearing surfaces or no flange for mating components
Quality - Each part is automatically 100% visually inspected

GripTide inserts are available in sizes M2.5 to M8.