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Solutions: Specialty Threaded Nuts & Bolts

PCAC™ – Paint Clearing Anti-Cross Threading

Perfect for Eliminating Cross Threading and Removing Paint!

The PCAC™ solution helps properly align fasteners during blind assemblies and eliminates cross threading while removing heavy paint.

PCAC Benefits

  • Cuts through heavy paint without stalling guns.
  • Design allows application entrance at off-angle or when holes are misaligned without cross threading.
  • Pentagon raised point assists in removing excess paint build up on internal thread while discontinued threads provide ease of engagement. This allows engagement into nut member of up to 30° off angle with no cross threading.

PCAC Applications

  • Roof rail attachments
  • Composite truck bed box attachments
  • Seat attachments
  • Doors panels
  • Hoods
  • Trucks with paint issues
  • Into expensive Teflon-coated weld nuts
  • Minivan sliding door wedges
  • Front fender attachments
  • Front and rear fasciae

Contact your EFC Sales Engineer to learn more about the PCAC today!