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Solutions: Specialty Threaded Nuts & Bolts

Plastic Leveling Feet

An economical replacement for a metal glide and nut assembly.

These patented 33% glass-filled nylon Leveling Feet with a hex base are available in two different sizes. They are designed to thread directly into a helix that can be stamped into the base of the unit.

Other unique features of this product include:

  • An exclusive head design that acts like a shock absorber to prevent shock load from being transmitted to threads and/or helix.
  • Nibs on top of the head to help reduce friction between surfaces.
  • Coarse thread design to lessen thread turns required for height adjustment.

In addition these leveling feet are:

  • Standard hex size on both ends for height adjustment.
  • Replacement for metal glide and weld nut assembly.

Diagram of Leveling Foot 

EFC Part Number A B C D E
03500081-A03 1.65 0.33 0.19 0.37 1.24
03500010-A03 2.21 0.33 0.25 0.37 1.24

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