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Solutions: Specialty Threaded Nuts & Bolts


Perfect for Better Fastening at Lower in Place Costs!

Rolok LogoThe future of fastener technology is here. Unparalleled conveniences, unrivaled holding powers and strip-to-drive ratios, phenomenal cost savings and complete custom capabilities make the Rolok® design the obvious choice for all your future fastener needs. Catch the wave of fastener engineering today with the Rolok fastener.

Features and Benefits

Assembly ease
Assembly time is dramatically reduced due to positive alignment in the pilot hole and by eliminating concern over paint clogged holes and weld splatter. Consistently low driving torques and high failure torques provide high clamp loads; and low drive means lower operator fatigue. The possibility of any cross-threading has also been eliminated.

Tapping cost eliminated
The Rolok thread configuration eliminates the need to tap holes. Elimination of tapping machines, taps, associated labor and clean-up is all part of the savings and lower “In-place cost”. In addition to eliminating chips and burrs, in most applications, expensive drilling can be replaced by using simple punched or extruded holes or cored holes in cast metals.

Patented Vibration Resistant Feature
The Rolok thread has greater holding power. The only thread rolling screw that was issued a patent as a “Vibration Resistant” thread rolling screw (unlike tri-roundular thread forming screws). The patented 360° asymmetric thread-forming lobes provide greater breakaway and back-out torques. Greater holding power means the Rolok fastener system needs fewer fasteners per assembly.

Stronger thread
Rolok fasteners roll-form their own mating threads. The result is a stronger, more uniform thread. The 360° thread-forming lobes preserve the grain structure of the mating threads, rather than cutting them and weakening them. Of course, stronger mating threads also enhance overall fastener performance. All Rolok fasteners are engineered at a minimum straight tensile strength of 135,000 PSI, which exceed grade 5 requirements.

Superior thread engagement
Rolok fasteners form strong, smooth burnished threads in a nut member. These threads match perfectly with the screw threads. Rolok fasteners can be replaced with standard machine screws if lost during service in the field. By selecting the appropriate hole size, Rolok screws are capable of providing as much as 90% thread engagement, which is more than double a standard class 2 fit.

Use with a variety of materials
Rolok 360° thread-forming lobes function as a thread rolling tap and require a nut member of ductile material to form a mating thread. Steel, aluminum, both cast and rolled, bronze, brass and many stainless steels have sufficient ductility to form matching threads. Less ductile metals, such as cast iron and magnesium, may also be used, although they must be tested for performance evaluation.