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Solutions: Specialty Threaded Nuts & Bolts

Sea Coat™

A cost-saving alternative to 300 Series Stainless hardware for non-submerged applications!

Sea Coat logoTo provide a high quality finish that can satisfy marine industry needs, we proudly introduce EFC International Sea Coat™. Sea Coat is an excellent alternative to 18-8 Stainless Steel for hardware applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Offers cost savings when plated over carbon steel versus traditional use of 300 Series/18-8 Stainless Steel
  • Provides extremely high corrosion protection, ideal for non-submerged applications
  • Electrolytically applied Zinc Nickel finish with no chrome, RoHS compliant
  • Silver/clear, yellow and black colors, black contains integral UV protection

Typical salt spray test results for finish exceeded 2000 hours, 3000 hours to red rust for black coating. Coating samples available upon request!

Comparative Analysis
Generally speaking, most automotive underbody coating specifications are considered to be highly stringent criteria for vehicles and require 1000 hours of corrosion protection to red rust when tested per ASTM B-117. Commercially available zinc chromate electroplate finishes normally have 96 hours corrosion resistance to red rust. By comparison, EFC has independent A2LA accredited lab results certifying Marine Coat performance in excess of 1500 hours to red rust.