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Solutions: Specialty Threaded Nuts & Bolts

Shakeproof Thread

The latest in thread locking technology!

The Shakeproof® Thread is a curved thread feature creating a mechanical interference with its internally threaded mating component. The curved thread or locking wave feature is dispersed evenly among the threaded body every 4th pitch. The mechanical interference between the internal and external threads ensures the fastener stays tight regardless of its environment —vibration, shock, lubricants or heat.

Features and Benefits

Functions in any standard tapped hole

Qualifies on standard Go/No Go Gauges

Reusable for ease of service compared to permanent locking alternatives

More value — Thread locking feature created every 4th pitch during thread rolling means versatility and eliminates cost of secondary processes for added components or chemicals that must be placed at custom thread locations

Better performance — mechanical interference provides increased cycle life with consistent and repeatable results not possible with patches or distorted threads

Applications Industries/Markets
Latch/HingeInstrument Panels





Drive Train

Appliance Panels

Structural components



Heavy Truck

Medical Equipment


Alternative Energy



Heavy Equipment

EFC Part Numbers in stock for Shakeproof® Thread

24I400010-136     1/4-20X2

24I400011-136   5/16-18X2

24I400012-136     3/8-16X2

24I400013-136     1/2-13X2