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Solutions: Specialty Threaded Nuts & Bolts

Spring Plungers

Perfect for indexing and positioning!

Spring Plungers are well suited for fixturing applications where pressure is required for accurate positioning and indexing of components. They are available in a wide assortment of lengths and sizes—inch and metric. Both types of spring plungers (ball and pin) have different insertion methods to suit any application including: slotted drive, hex socket, press fit. Non-threaded spring plungers are designed to be inserted into bored holes and feature a smooth thermoplastic or steel body. Plungers are available in steel and plastic materials.

EFC International offers a full line of spring plungers designed with or without LONG-LOK® threading. The spring-loaded functionality of these components helps regulate the Spring Plunger Application Illustrationposition and force, providing precise control and easy installation.

Spring-loaded applications include:

  • indexing and positioning of machine tools, equipment and tool jigs
  • fixturing, latching, locking and ejecting
  • electrical contacts, and many more

Advantages of Spring Plungers with LONG-LOK Thread System

LONG-LOK threading helps secure spring plungers effectively within threaded holes making them virtually resistant to loosening or falling out under high vibration or heavy impact conditions. As LONG-LOK threads are inserted, the advanced locking system begins to expand in the opposite direction, creating a high degree of resistance and holding force which requires a great deal of torque to loosen.

Specially Designed Spring Plungers (Push Fit)

Special Push Fit Spring Plungers

For more information contact us at 800.888.3326. To view Spring Plungers in our online catalog, please click here. Additional ratings are available in the pdf on this page, along with detailed specifications including full dimensions, spring forces and application assistance.