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Solutions: Specialty Threaded Nuts & Bolts

STARLOCK® Push-on Fasteners

Uncapped Starlock on Round StudUncapped Starlock on Square StudSTARLOCK® Push-on Fasteners are a precision means of assembly for various automotive, industrial, residential and commercial applications. EFC has access to a complete line of standard products for round shafts (imperial and metric sizes), square and double-D shafts, as well as push-ons for tubes, cast parts, plastics shafts and studs. Push-on fasteners provide high retention and durability and can be used in place of retaining rings, cotter pins, standard nuts/washers and clevis pins for maximum fix and grip.

Starlock Domed CapsSTARLOCK Push-on Fasteners are available with or without a decorative caps (metal or plastic) which hide the end of the axle or shaft to improve cosmetic appearance. Plastic caps can be colorized to meet the application.

Carbon spring steel, stainless steel

Surface Finishes:
Bronze and Varnish (metric), Blue and Varnish (imperial), Mechanical Zinc, Stainless Steel


How Starlocks Are Used

External fixing; for use with machined shafts, tubes and cast parts, plastic and studs. Push-on prongs grip the mating surface of the shaft or stud, providing tight lock and grip.


Other styles of STARLOCK Push-on Fasteners are available through EFC International. Page 2 of the pdf displays other styles of STARLOCK Push-ons. For more information, please contact an EFC Representative at 1-800-888-3326.