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Solutions: Specialty Threaded Nuts & Bolts


Perfect for composite panels!

TwinDisk®, with its simple, strong design and unique BigHead technology, provides a rapid and efficient fastening point anywhere in a structure.

The TwinDisk® has two heads or disks joined by an internally-threaded collar or a threaded stud. A hole is drilled into the panel; adhesive applied and the TwinDisk® pushed into the cavity. The bottom disk is glued to the bottom skin; the top disk to the top skin (surface-mount). Tensile, shear and lateral loads are efficiently transferred to both skins.

Sizes: Threads are M4 to M12 (male or female). Head diameters are 20mm, 30mm and 40mm supplied in any length from 20mm up to 150mm. Available in mild or stainless steel.

Installing the TwinDiskThe heavy-duty male TwinDisk® is already providing popular in retro-fitting cabins and decks in the marine world and for seating in municipal transport projects. The quick, simple method of drilling a hole down to the inner surface of the bottom skin, adding adhesive, winding the top disk down and gluing into position, saves significant amounts of time and labor, as well as ensuring very high service performance.

TwinDisk installedBigBond 2-part FS Acrylic is recommended for use with the TwinDisk® installation in all types of composite materials.