Heavy Truck

EFC International provides undeniable customer value through engineering support and creative improvements for fastener attachment and closure requirements to the heavy truck industry. Customers can realize true cost savings through innovative assembly solutions and supplier consolidation.

Our commitment to this industry, through strategic partnerships with world-class manufacturers, is ongoing. We continue to provide our customers with superior technical support and other application engineering services and insure the availability of ideal fastener concepts. View the FEC Product Encyclopedia for fastening solutions in this industry including

  • Nut-Plates which offer a Lightweight, High Strength Fastening Solution
  • Our Numerous Specialty Routing Components & European Style Worm-Drive Hose Clamps with Embossed Band with Roll-Formed Band Edges that Minimize Damage of the Hose Material, as well as, Risk of Injury for the Installer
  • Ratchet P-clamps for wire bundles
  • Lock-Nuts
  • Panel fasteners, routing components, self-retaining nuts, metal and plastic clips, hole plugs
  • Rubber components
  • Rivet-nuts
  • Pins, bushings and compression limiters

Use EFC to help you consolidate a number of parts and find the most cost-effective solution from a total installed cost perspective.