Power Generation

Without power generation, the modern lifestyle that we all know and love would not be possible.

Of course, without fasteners to hold together all of our power generation equipment, the power wouldn’t exist in the first place. EFC is proud to provide a range of fastening products to the power generation industry. View our EFC Product Encyclopedia for these and other product offerings perfect for the power generation industry.

Some popular items that EFC supplies into Power Generation industry applications include: hose clamps, Oetiker clamps, V-band clamps, couplings, stainless steel fasteners, brass or stainless threaded inserts, rivet-nuts, rivets, hole plugs, strain reliefs, cord-grips, fittings, liquid-tight cord grips / fittings, bushings, grommets, compression limiters, rubber products, Delta PT screws, knobs, handles, pins, standoffs, cage-nuts, lock nuts, u-nuts, weld-nuts, weld-studs, riv-studs, clinch hardware products, Heyco products, ITW Fastex Products, A. Raymond-Tinnerman products, Uni-Clamps, Constant Tension Band Clamps, Vibration Dampening components / isolators, mounting components,  deep drawn stamped components, conduit tubing and numerous others.