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bIgHead® TWINDISK® for Composite Panels - Male - 316 Stainless Steel

Product Description

bigHead's® bondable Male TwinDisks® efficiently transfer tensile, shear and lateral loads to both skins of honeycomb, sandwich & composite panels, providing a lasting heavy-duty threaded stud as a fastening point. Male TWINDISKs are available in 2 basic designs - Symmetric & Asymmetric, each with a variety of disk/stud size combinations to satisfy your specific application requirements. EFC Representatives can assist you in selecting the correct configuration to suit your needs.


  1. Drill Hole down to the inner surface of the bottom skin
  2. Apply Adhesive
  3. Push TwinDisk into the cavity
  4. Wind the Top Disk down to the surface of the top skin
  5. Glue into place
Learn more about TwinDisk Technology in EFC's TwinDisk Solutions brochure.

Features & Benefits
  • Symmetric & Asymmetric - Same or Different Sized Disks
  • Blind Application
  • Stud Sizes - M4-M16 X 16-100mm
  • Disk Sizes - 20mm-50mm Diameters
  • Heavy Duty 316 SS
  • Ideal for floors, walls, cladding & composite panels
  • Marine & Municipal Transport seating
An installation diagram is included in the photo gallery on this page. The part below is just one example of a wide range of sizes and types available. Please contact EFC International at 800-888-3326 to learn more about TwinDisk.
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bIgHead® TWINDISK® for Composite Panels - Male - 316 Stainless Steel
EFC Part Number MaterialTypeThread SizeHead DiameterStud Size
25B000358-96316 Stainless SteelSymmetrical4.752316.00

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