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CAPS - Threaded Plastic for BSP Gas Fittings

Product Description

Threaded Plastic Caps for BSP Gas Fittings are designed for use on British Standard Pipe (BSP) threads and fittings. These Threaded Plastic Caps are knurled for easy application and handling.

Features & Benefits

These caps protect threaded components from moisture, dust and damage during production, shipping and storage. They can also be used as masking caps during painting and plating operations. BGC Threaded Caps are molded in Red polyethylene plastic and sized to cap BSP/Gas Fitting threads from 1/8-28 thru 1-1/2-11.

Material: Low-Density Polyethylene

To order Threaded Caps for BSP Gas Fittings, please contact an EFC International representative at 1-800-888-3326.

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EFC Part Number To Fit BSPLength - in/mmRib Count
04MBGC1500RD11 1/20.807 / 20.58
04MBGC0875RD17/80.768 / 19.56
04MBGC0500RD11/20.531 / 13.56
04MBGC0125RD11/80.378 / 9.64
04MBGC2000RD120.827 / 21.08
04MBGC1000RD110.756 / 19.26
04MBGC0625RD15/80.618 / 15.76
04MBGC0250RD11/40.433 / 11.04
04MBGC2250RD12 1/40.984 / 25.08
04MBGC1250RD11 1/40.780 / 19.88
04MBGC0750RD13/40.697 / 17.76
04MBGC0375RD13/80.445 / 11.34
04MBGC2500RD12 1/21.087 / 27.68

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