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Product Description

SUNRUNNER™ 90° CABLE CLIPS mount at a 90° angle to the original SunRunner™, and will accommodate a single cable from .200" - .300" (5,0mm - 7.6mm)
They are available in 100-pc packages or BULK
Features & Benefits
• Double-Compression Right Angle Design
• Designed for use with PV modules mounted in landscape mode.
• Solution for PV modules with shorter than normal junction box cables which can't be dressed out to the sides of the module.
• Junction box cables can be run to the adjacent modules across the short side of the PV module frame.
• May be used wherever single or multiple cable management is needed.
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EFC Part Number PNL RANGEWIRE OD (1 MAX)UL DescriptionFootprintOAHMAT THICKMaterial
20301479-304-B1C.055-.25 (1.4-3.2).200" (5mm)SUNRUNNER 90 CLIP.650X.780 (16.5X19.8).390 (9.9).025304SS
20301479-304.055-.25 (1.4-3.2).300" (7.6mm)SUNRUNNER 90 CLIP BULK.650X.780 (16.5X19.8).390 (9.9).025304SS

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