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BOLTS FOR METAL - Screw and Washer Assemblies - SEMS

Product Description

Screw and washer assemblies are commonly called "SEMS™" when they are preassembled. The innovative SEMS products are another major fastening invention by ITW Shakeproof that changed the industry. Tooth lock, helical spring lock, dished type and conical washers, to name a few, can be preassembled to machine screws, as well as, thread forming, thread cutting and self-drilling screws. These combinations offer unique capabilities that would otherwise be unavailable for easy and efficient assembly operations.

Features & Benefits

Some of the Important advantages of screw and washer assemblies include:

  • eliminating small parts handling and dropped parts
  • ensuring proper part usage
  • lower purchasing, inventory and assembly costs
  • increased assembly efficiency and productivity
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