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CABLE TIE & MOUNT - Push Over Stud Mount

Product Description

Stud Mount Cable Ties provide superior holding ability on a threaded stud. They self-lock onto the threads of a screw or stud with no nut required. Like standard cable ties, they are available in a wide range bundle diameters to secure wire, cable and tubes.

Features & Benefits
  • Flexible strap
  • Mount provides low insertion and high extraction forces
  • High performance, heat stabilized nylon 6/6
  • Easy-to-install
Please contact an EFC representative for style and color availability.

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CABLE TIE & MOUNT - Push Over Stud Mount
EFC Part Number Bundle DiameterStud DiameterTie LengthTie WidthInsertion ForceMaterialOEM Part Number
09300036-A07Q9.0 - 34.05.0 - 6.0160.96.045NNylon 6/615304748 - 52124076AA

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