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CABLE TIES - Edge Clip and Tie Assembly

Product Description

Cable Tie and Edge Clip Assemblies route bundles of wires securing them to the edge of a plastic or metal sheet. With this assembly, there is no need for a mounting hole. The clip easily secures to the panel edge and offers a high extraction force because of the integrated metal clamp that keeps this assembly in place.

Features & Benefits

Edge Clips are available as a two piece clip and tie assembly with a minimum tensile strength of 50 lbs (225 N) shown below. Two other configurations are available: a one piece clip and tie combination and an edge clip and tape bar combination. Outside serrated cable tie may be available for reduced bundle chafing. Please contact an EFC Representative for more information.

Cable Ties
  • Material: PA66HS (heat stabilized PA 6.6)
  • Color: Black
  • Operating Temperature: -40 °F to +221 °F (-40 °C to +105 °C) continuous
  • Flammability: UL94 V2
Edge Clip
  • Material: PA66HIRHS (impact modified, heat stabilized PA 6.6), UV Resistant
  • Color: Black
  • Operating Temperature: -40 °F to +230 °F (-40 °C to +110 °C) continuous
  • Flammability: UL94 HB
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EFC Part Number TypePanel ThicknessLengthMax. Dia. BundleStyle
46T00092-AHS03T50ROSEC10.039" - .117" (1-3mm)5.9" (150)1.2" (31)F
46T156-00860T50ROSEC4A.039" - .117" (1-3mm)7.9" (200)1.8" (45)A
46T00085-97T50REC5B.039" - .117" (1-3mm)8" (202)1.8" (45)D
46T156-00874T50ROSEC21.039" - .117" (1-3mm)7.9" (200)1.8" (45)G
46T156-00861T50ROSEC4B.039" - .117" (1-3mm)8" (202)1.8" (45)B
46T156-00877T50ROSEC23.117" - .234" (3-6 mm)7.9" (200)1.8" (45)L
46T156-00864T50ROSEC5A.039" - .117" (1-3mm)7.9" (200)1.8" (45)C
46T00098-AHS03T50SOSEC9.039" - .117" (1-3mm)5.9" (150)1.2" (31)E
46T156-00867T50ROSEC9.039" - .117" (1-3mm)7.9" (200)1.8" (45)E
46T156-00539T50REC4A.039" - .117" (1-3mm)8" (202)1.8" (45)A

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